Victoria Lynne McCoy

After the Parties

The voice         taken

                                        A witness          found

                In the early morning hours
                between the parties

                                                        [                                   ]

an opportunity where the drinks are plied

a consortium of similar beliefs. See also: conspiracy
                                                                                                                of silence

a person on one side of dispute
                                                       that is, until one party is found
to be not a person but a party

The Complainant lost               [the more parties continued to take from her]

            [Fitting, isn't it, that the party to which the woman was forced to belong
            is called a Complainant? Ha ha women and all their complaining ha ha]

That Complainant
                                 [that girl]

That Complainant
                                 [that girl]

The other side of Complainant
                                 [that girl             cleaved through]

Her legs were opened—

                                            [not open, but a thing done to]

We believe the parties               [we believe the penis]

The Panel acknowledges that a person is not obligated
[the Panel acknowledges that a girl is not a person]

The Complainant said
The Complainant told                                                  [how dare she]

                                    The Panel questioned if
                         [she was afraid              she was afraid]

The Panel does not support her
The Panel does not believe

                                 The Complainant continued                    [nonetheless]

The Panel found Complainant to be
                                                         well-spoken                     [good girl]

The Complainant was known to espouse strong beliefs
                                                        [hush now, that's enough now, sweetie]

                  [The Panel finds consent to be merely belief—]

         : an idea that is believed to be true or valid without positive knowledge
           Near antonyms, see: fact, truth

                 [when they even position the dictionary against you]

The Panel does not believe
The Panel does not believe

The Panel believes
                                    in control

The Panel concludes:               no violation     [but their own]

The Panel found Complainant to be      a violation—
                                                                    a woman

               clamped shut beneath all this believing
               every party but hers