Thylias Moss


        for Catalina Ouyang

was also a scoundrel. Executed  1649.  His subjects opposed
his tyrannical policies
improper taxation,  poor treatment, lack
of respect for their own choices led
to his downfall


is supposed to be about salvation
my Charles had a title also: Deacon
with tyrannical policies when a 15-year-old girl came along
singing hosannas and other praise songs in church where

she was supposed to be safe, where blessings rang supreme
where everything was sanctified, different
because it’s the house of god,

even the water was no longer ordinary, it was

darkness lifted and every other veil, including
the veil of virginity

From out of darkness, something the whale had spit out, dis-
satisfied with the taste.

That alley, that car, that force, that rape
just like God himself, let’s be clear,
the Virgin Mary was unwilling, special because
God chose her
without asking her permission, God,
Mary’s rapist, Mary had the baby

and I had an abortion: NYC: St. Luke’s
medical center