Terese Svoboda

USAIB Title IX report

The Panel did not believe
A Complaintant
A Respondent
are you listening?

Conclusion and Findings

trigger warning

I read it.
here's an early morning

Personal and Confidential
engaging in
a history       in control
able to consent
who was awake?

Consensual is

she wrote

trigger warning
trigger warning

agrees agrees agrees
very clear       espouses

trigger warning

does not believe--

who? Offense Number 5.
In the days and weeks
that followed.
“no.” presumed.

Demonstrated in the video.

Ultimately it lost.

Conclusions       and Findings
threw keys gyrated
an apartment and stood
was an erratic
Personal and Confidential

rescind the      no

trigger warning

expressed agreement

no physical

both explained at

her capacities and able
Accordingly violation
was in control

please see the attached
detailed accounts