Sarah Sgro

that night I ate penis was my favorite noodle dish credible in a cream sauce & then penis was wretched the milk

had turned routinely engaged my skin turned sour ash this is not the first grey-area green means bloom clamped shut

or hot regurgitation legs were open (not gaping face inside the bowl under force I want you in the early morning hours

“no” he said mounting me could be considered moaning this is not the first “no” violent partner could be considered

no no a door shirtless in blue boxers we support, nurture, and respect I stayed slack soft the normal rot churned no

lake of mold Offense how many ruptures of the gut we believe the door how many wet eruptions her clitoris I have

moaned into obediently an erratic Sunday nights we v chat after watching Complainant Netflix her clitoris my tit

stiffens could be considered in the cold non-verbal consent I dim the screen culminating in early morning moaning

I reach my clitoris the foundation of it turns arid the body is lost momentum or a hot rebirth violation or exchange