Sam Wein

Some Official Statement Proceedings

The Panel acknowledges that a person is not obligated to say “no” for sexual activity with another person to be considered non-consensual and that consent is not presumed between sexual partners in a relationship. The Panel also notes, however…             -      Washington University Title IX report

Wherein the Panel whose decisions are the constitutive bylaws
as instituted by the University’s Golden Standard of student
support, the Panel with its uppercase anonymity and its capital
P for Punishment, punishing victims, herein lies a second stab
wound with crystalline degrees that flutter to the ground where
the blood should be, therefore I am thrilled, overjoyed even,
when I went to the Woman in the Office and asked about the
steps to report my sexual assault, the Panels of her teeth lined
straight in her lipstick mouth said Don’t Bother, said It’s Been
Two Weeks so your case isn’t compelling, whereas the Panel
has acknowledged in their response that if a human being has
the capacity to say No in past sexual encounters, they consistently
contain said skills in every given encounter, as is the way of
humans as according to the Panel, in their objectivity, I could
tell the Panel that once, with my therapists’ encouragement, I
planted three succulents in wine bottle corks and only one of
them survived longer than three weeks, therefore I am a murderous
plant monster of two succulents because I’ve breathed life
into one and that’s all I’m ever good for, correspondingly
the supposed friends of mine at the University sat in offices
with Panel members at least once or twice, perhaps for coffee,
and I know this because none of them believed me either
when I tried to tell them about how he pinned me against
the yoga mat, they said he’s Too Snarky for something that
Serious, how everything is a Joke to him and by the transitive
property everything in my life is a joke, bychance every
administrator who spoke on behalf of students was also Paneling
their eyeballs across fields of guilty emails that were given Not
Guilty anonymously voted responses, herein you are all the
Panel and the Panel is all of you, responsible, wherefore is the
nearest set of matches for smaller fires the Panel hasn’t stomped
yet with so many loafered, polished shoes, conclusively the entire
Panel aka the admission’s building and the professor’s building
and every dean’s office be espoused in fire and left to blacken in
colorless support, in empty supportive promises, ergo none of it
can be salvaged because the Panel is a full tint like sunglasses
worn in constant disfiguring of what the reality holds, that I was
raped, that we, majority of the student body, are raped over and
over, that so few of us report it, it’s laughable these adults can
live with themselves, that when a few of us do try to reason with
Powerful, Over Compensated Players in a game of one-number-
fits-all dice, we are put through more hell than we ever could
have dreamed our wondrous minds possible, like an upside-
down rainbow, falling so completely out the sky, hurtling with
urgency towards our sheer, glimmering wet faces