Robert Whitehead 


If a man was caught   He was drinking again
If a man was fit to drive and he said yeah
He was caught drifting in the act
He took a wrong turn    He took off his clothes
If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman
He was lying on the left side of the bed
A young woman who is not engaged
He was missing    He was using his spit   
A woman thought he would stop but he did not
If a man is caught he must pay
He used his finger    He pays fifty pieces of silver
Each time she pulled away    A man is caught    
Each time she was still again    He resumed
If he does anything more    She will say something
If he does not stop he must pay fifty pieces of silver
He thrust against her     He marries the young woman
He did this for about a minute   He must marry her
He came onto her thighs   This happened in complete silence
Because he violated her    He will never be allowed to disavow her
So she touched her legs and said am I bleeding 
The Respondent was breathing heavily