Nora Almeida

Conclusions and Findings

awake in a December. encounter. her voice. encounter her. a body across the apartment. in this
room removed. her body. removed.

capacities were legs                          her legs
were legs were gyrating
inside                                        a December

a retracted no. contact order. an official offense no. in the student sexual history and normal
foreplay handbook. 

in his version
                                        her legs
were consistently
legs (not clamped shut)
hearing but not
not saying no
inside the encounter 
his penis                                  against her
fear of estrangement

the threat of an erratic erotic and violent partner is both non-verbal and verbal. consent is different.
vowel sounds. oh.

she was sincerely— 
afraid of removing
the threads of the encounter
of the silence of
                                    her apartment

                                    her empty
this panel
a dissipated—oh

body of immaterial
sincerely,                                her voice
dissolved in water
with love off the table