Nathaniel Rosenthalis

A Sonnet Is of Course a Great Form for Legibilizing Any Findings and Conclusions But Is Especially as a Form of Argument Useful in Addressing the Findings and Conclusions of a Panel Whose Failure Is Only One Place to Begin at, Looking Out

We are here today for on
-ly the echo of a door that shuts discussion.
Unclamped, opened, we see it’s not a fearful front,
so we know there was none.
Fear: noun. If we can’t know it, it was never. Un
-thinkable. The short faces we put on
we get from our foundation.
Any mouth, or body, yes? We know gyrating is its own
Legs are likely, light lengthy, and we love a physical phone.
Waves on
waves are also nice, routine slapping, an outspoken
day, in nature. At the beach, say. Done,
says a wish. Whoever was well, once, will be again one.