Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello

Triptych for Catalina Ouyang

I’d like to invite you to ____________

I am reach out to a wide pool             and planning to work with
whatever __________ comes back to me

who have demonstrated outrage

pretty much up to you

You can treat this as ________ as you’d like

I am thinking about texture, rhythm and form

I am __________ pushed, distorted, liberated or condemned

I understand

we are all busy with our own lives and deadlines and work

I understand

if you decide (not) to participate

If you do, however, ___________

If you are on board

please let me know

please reach out


After considering the statements and information received from both parties,
the interviews of both parties and a witness,

his version of the events to be more credible
than the version put forward by Complainant


consistently denied

more likely than not






a person is (not) obligated

to say “no”


consent is (not) presumed




In fact, it was Complainant who __________

The Panel found Complainant to be ________

The Panel does not believe

The Panel concludes ________

Complainant was very clear

was in control