Laura Theobald


I believed I could
perceive signs
I was a harebrained child
obsessed with Nazis
wanting only to eat soup and bread
Is it wicked?
On the beach
the bread was expanding
in my belly
I was quiet
Everybody had some idea about me
without thinking of me at all
Who would seriously
think of a girl?
Especially one who goes to such lengths
to make herself
so unattractive
I wore tattered clothes
Tied rags around me
Tried to think of a future that would have me
The water was having a nice time
all by itself
And so was I
To want to die even is a luxury
I found
I was terribly lonely of course
Just born that way
And those eyes
A little off-putting
you could tell
my mother was thinking
If you touched her she would just
There was no talking to her
She would cry often
She cried so often