LA Warman

Conclusion and Findings

After considering the statements and information received from both parties. Two parties. One party is __________. One is ____________ and we know the answer already The Winner Is ________ ! We would never believe anyone but ________ and already you knew the answer you knew the decision before it was a decision it was illuminated in the last _________ years of _________.

We believe in ______. We believe in ______. We believe in _________. Only the belief the belief that Law is consistency.  The Law was before us, we must enforce it, unfortunately. But, this is normal. This situation was completely normal. The man stimulates. The woman accepts. The woman opens herself. The woman is entered. She accepts. This is the woman. She __________ for us. She will ______ for us. She is _____ us. She kissed. She _______. Of course she did. She would do ______. He was merely a ________.  She a Complainant. I mean, have you met her?

The Law is the Law is the Law never was a woman. The Law was _____. The Law was God and with God and He said it was very good. She said nothing. She never said anything. What was that sound? Couldn't be Her, sounds like winter. She is ______ on the floor shaking the whole place and He is telling her to _______. Enforcing his rightness. Here and Always rightness.

I was alone in the room and you were there but I was alone because you did not see me. You did not understand what I said and you kept saying Justice and I didn't even think to ask for that because it felt like too much so I only asked to be left alone to be released to be unseen as in to be untouched but you couldn't not look at me now that you found you were on the side of Justice which means oppressor.

The Panel concludes that Justice sees the woman says Trouble. But, anyway, She was awake, and her behavior ________.  There was no force. There was no _______. Accordingly, the Panel concludes that the Respondent is not in violation of Offense Number 5 of the ______.