Jesse Rice-Evans

ask me what fear looks like: like a slap,
                a locked door, an unlocked door

what does alleged look like: as if the nature of PAST SEXUAL PRACTICES
                                                                                         can be explained by language
ask me what nurture looks like: both
              like and unlike

you have to be able to hold two things in your mind:

that you both showed up and vanished;
                                                                          that what was taken can never be grieved;

                                                                                                                      IN FACT, that this grief is endless;;;;;;

make for me a sound that could be considered moaning:                      it is a sound of grief

                                                                                                  BOTH grief

& the deep knowledge that we still will not be believed: you won’t, I won’t; they definitely won’t these endlessly formal proceedings lead nowhere because the premise of being without bias, of neutrality is fallacious almost enough to make us laugh a collective laugh of grief a ululation a mourning we are always mourning it is always mourning when you get into it;;;;

there is just this::::