Elena Karina Byrne

                                            ––Not in the body
                                                        in the voice recordings
                                            body, not in the actions do sexual culminating


Into engaging, however first grey
area: Panel believes

in front of a greydoor
                        (verbally skilled)
in grey bed, about erratic we
                        (verbally clear)

in the grey days
                        (these to be actions)         
in violation and other greyoccasions
                        (that ultimately it lost momentum)

                        I am uncolored by insight detection unaroused

                                                /wind like water may take any shape at any time

before Respondent moved to the other side of Complainant––
to the other side before moved of Respondent–– the he in the she of
autonomy, believe or coerced

on the early grey morning
in grey, the early morning hours

                        this is so informal, another set of eyes, a set of yes

/the sky is not an absolute ease movement


In given that the frequency…naked:
Panel believes

across the nakedapartment
                        (penis was able to reach)
to hardput naked through her apartment
                        (physically slapped)

in the naked voice recordings
                        (feeling ill)
naked in the sessions
                        (was normal)

                                    narcissists don’t go to the doctor, even if our hands are tied

                                    /light gains permission from its own indifference

Complainant and Respondent both explained at length that the foundation of their relationship
was based –– that of both was at length and their Complainant based, their Respondent of relationship, the she in the he and explained, more not at all, than likely, immediate

in the fur days and skin weeks naked open
naked at length…routinely seen

                                    /mutually, time falls orbital and rises unblinking across all bodies


repeatedly expressed agreement with these beliefs
Panel believes:

over bleached between these unseen parties
                        (threw keys across the apartment)

during the bleachedparties’ sexual remove
                        (snuggle in bed together)

in the bleachedface during the argument
                        (and initiate texts, lengthy phone calls)

in violation bleached of Offense Number 5
                        (kisses and touched one another)

                                    /gravity finds uneven attraction-pull matter of troubling horse & carriage

does not support her assertion that Respondent was an erratic and violent partner whom she feared. In fact, it was Complainant who physically slapped Respondent––whom does not violent her assertion in fact, and feared support was it, whom does partner erratic, fact physically not whom that night, but does, in Complainant

frequently she with
that the frequency with

                                    we realize it’s unorthodox, in advance notice

            /earth’s convective transport of primordial heat moves through boundary layers