Avery Gallinat

consider both witnessed
his version of events
more than the version
not believed

events change
contrary to assertion

the voice taken



it is more likely during parties


despondent, hear:

non verbal acts counter
describe the hours
as consistent with past touch

before the other side
of stimulating


expressions could consider the respondent


she and her legs were

not shut

such that we believe
the entirety of sex routine

(momentum, feeling ill)


a person is
not sex
not presumed sexual


complainant was previous sex
was sexual contact on other occasions


although fearful
speak up when naked

whether sincere
any other behavior
does not assert a violent fact


face the after

agree absolutely


in the days and weeks following
continue to change
request no contact

believe these to be actions of a person
who is skilled
at expressing
engaged in autonomy
discussed frequently


repeat december 2015

the view was very clear

all previous interactions in view
and at length
a foundation based on belief

do not believe
the early hours were different

conclude it is more likely
that all between
complainant and respondent
was sensual


conclude a gag
is non consistent
with the past

practice a history


in control of capacities

that she was no

an act


that night concludes
is violation