Annie Grizzle

[  p a n e l  ]

The panel have no thighs
The panel have five sides, no window
no wind, though 

bad meat prance so freely in the
                            good air

                       ideal contortions

              one [PANEL] can conclude no [PANEL]
              fear of
              [PANEL] say they like that
              [PANEL] prefer that statement

       all hair gone

                    i am lobster tough
                    i have claimed my only hairstyle

                                i am in the bathtub with mean liquid
                                          trying to make weird soap work

                       mixing sentences deeply
                      sound looking for something spiritual
                                                      whole body no

i do not change the night moon 
i do not throw the sniffing bone
if you do not listen to what i tell you, [panel]

i will not come back for bath water